Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ava Michelle

ava is developing her lil personaility she is a character thats for sure! She likes to torment the cats, and play toys and watch her 'booky' portable dvd player! She is starting to talk back it for sure is cute now! When i get all my pics off my phone loaded on the comp i will for sure put some up!


Nothing too exciting has happened lately ava is getting bigger she is talking alot! and even says sentences! she is almost potty trained! i will try to update alot sooner then i have i'm not too good at blogging! lol

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing Queen

Ava is really into dancing! This is a lil preview of her dancing to good girls gone bad! more to come soon!

Here is her dancing today and being silly!

Lunch Time

Ava has been getting a chips ahoy cookie after her lunch if she eats it all. They are now her favorite! I left the room for 5 seconds today and came back in to find ava hiding her chicken nuggets in her bib. She was probably thinking hmm i can get my cookie faster! haha that sneaky lil child of mine.


My lil flower baby! Just some cute pictures i took of ava over the summer! She loves the camera!

one year later and....

Our little princess is now a rambountcious one year old!

Ava Michelle

Mommy and Daddy holding lil ava for the first time!

Our precious little baby girl ava was born July 19 2008. She was the most perfect little baby!